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The Benefits of Daily Walks for Seniors

Nov 22, 2022

Walking has several health advantages for individuals of all generations. But it is particularly good for those in their golden years. Walking may improve a senior’s health and well-being by providing both physical and emotional health advantages. Here are some reasons why your elderly loved one should regularly go for walks.

Walking Every Day Helps a Senior Stay Mobile
If your loved one suffers from a degenerative illness of the spine, hips, or knees, regular walks may improve mobility, stimulate circulation, and reduce discomfort. Walking may help decrease inflammation, a major component of arthritic disorders, and the requirement for an analgesic prescription to control pain. Many pain relievers could produce gastrointestinal issues, dizziness, weakness, and exhaustion. Walking regularly is a great alternative to pain medication. It may be even more helpful in alleviating pain, arthritis-related morning stiffness, and joint inflammation.

No matter what type of health challenges a senior deals with, there is help for them, and they can stay independent. One of the best ways to age in place is to keep moving. If a senior needs more help, it’s time to consider home care to help them around the house and monitor their walking times.

Getting Outside and Walking Can Boost a Senior’s Mood
Loneliness, loss of independence, financial concerns, and chronic medical issues may all lead to depression in seniors. Walking improves mood by promoting the production of “feel-good” chemicals like serotonin and endorphins. These molecules are considered significant in the treatment of depression, sleeplessness, and anxiety. The body produces vitamin D when exposed to the sunshine outside. This hormone may help prevent sadness and anxiety, while also keeping bones strong and resistant to fractures.

Daily Walks Helps Lower Bad Cholesterol
While statin drugs help keep cholesterol levels low, they can induce muscular soreness and elevated liver enzymes. Walking regularly helps reduce your loved one’s total cholesterol, while increasing their high-density lipoproteins, sometimes known as “good cholesterol.” High-density lipoprotein levels are known to be cardioprotective. Getting outside is something you can do with your senior, which is excellent bonding time, but the truth is you will also need a break. Home care can be there around the clock to take some stress off your shoulders.

Walking Reduces Blood Pressure
Frequent walking may help aging persons with high blood pressure. Because it may help them maintain a healthy weight while avoiding hypertension. High blood pressure is a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease, blood clots, cerebral vascular disease, and renal illness.

Hypertensive seniors are commonly given blood pressure drugs. However, some medications may cause dizziness, frequent urination, disorientation, extremely low blood pressure, and muscular weakness. If your loved one is experiencing adverse effects from blood pressure medication, walking may be a feasible option to control blood pressure. Before promoting regular walking, consult a doctor to ensure your loved one is healthy enough to begin a new walking regimen. Your seniors’ doctor may recommend a physical therapist to help.

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