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Golden Touch Care LLC Elderly Physical Disability Support in Hartford, CT


Golden Touch Personal Care LLC is aware of the particular difficulties associated with ageing and physical impairments. Our goal is to enable senior citizens with physical limitations to live happy, independent lives by offering them thorough, caring support. We work to improve the lives of people we serve by utilising a client-centered approach and a committed team of seasoned carers.

Our Commitment to Excellence


1. Person-Centered Care: We think that each customer should have their unique needs and preferences met, so we customise our services accordingly. Every senior with a physical disability will receive the consideration, respect, and help they need thanks to our person-centered care approach.

2. Skilled Carers: Golden Touch Personal Care LLC is proud of the knowledgeable and kind carers on its staff. Our personnel is skilled in offering specialised care in a secure and encouraging setting to those with physical limitations.

3. Holistic Support: We take a comprehensive approach to our clients’ well-being, going beyond their basics. To make the golden years better for physically disabled people, we want to help them with everything from daily work to emotional support.To make the golden years better for physically disabled people, we want to help them with everything from daily work to emotional support.

Our Services

Our Provisions Help with Personal Care: To ensure that our clients retain their dignity and freedom, our carers help with daily tasks including clothing, grooming, bathing, and mobility support. 

2. Specialised Mobility Support: Golden Touch Personal Care LLC works to maximise the mobility of senior citizens who have physical limitations. Our carers are educated in the use of assistive technology and methods to improve mobility and stop more issues.

 3. Social Engagement and Companionship: We understand how important social ties are to mental health. In order to foster a happy and stimulating environment, our carers provide company, participate in deep talks, and organise social events.

 4. Home Safety Assessments: It’s critical to provide a secure home for people with physical limitations. To lower dangers and improve overall safety, we carry out in-depth home safety inspections and make the required adjustments.

How Come Golden Touch Personal Care LLC Was Selected?


1. Compassionate Approach: Our carers are not just skilled professionals, but also kindhearted people committed to improving the quality of life for senior citizens with physical impairments.

2. Tailored Solutions: We are aware that every customer is different. We create individualised care plans for each person in our care based on their unique requirements and preferences.

3. Empowerment: Golden Touch Personal Care LLC is dedicated to giving elderly people with physical impairments a sense of empowerment. In order to help our customers become more independent and feel in charge of their lives, we collaborate with them.

Speak with Us

Give Golden Touch Personal Care LLC a call right now if you need assistance for your senior loved one with a physical handicap. We are prepared to talk about your particular needs and develop a personalised care plan that puts your family member’s comfort and well-being first.

Empowering Lives Through Caring Physical Disability Support is the mission of Golden Touch Personal Care LLC.