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Why Seniors Need a Morning Routine and How to Start One

Nov 23, 2022

A lack of purpose is one of the many issues seniors face when transitioning out of work and into retirement. Seniors who are used to set work or family schedules may find themselves at loose ends when they retire. A morning routine can help seniors feel that sense of daily purpose and give them a reliable routine again.

A set of tasks done habitually every morning is a morning routine. Perhaps in the past, your senior parent got up at a certain time, showered, and ready for work. Since they are not working now, they have no idea what to do after waking up and dressing. A morning routine fills that gap. Some things seniors can do to create a new morning routine are:

Put On Exercise Clothes First Thing

A great way for seniors to exercise daily is to put on their workout clothes when they get up. Seniors are more likely to go for a walk or exercise when dressed for it. Putting on workout clothes in the morning will encourage seniors to exercise.

Journal Before Getting Out Of Bed

Seniors who struggle to get out of bed and need home care assistance to get out of bed in the morning can start a morning routine by journaling in bed each morning when they wake up. That will give them time to adjust to being awake and writing their thoughts while waiting for home care. Having a journal and pen by the bed means seniors can journal while in bed, taking their time getting up.

Stay On The Same Schedule

Seniors can stay on the same wake-up schedule they used to have, and use that as the basis of their morning routine. By getting up at the same time, seniors are more likely to stick with the rest of their morning routine. At first, seniors may struggle to make changes in their habits.  But changing the tasks they do after waking up, from going to work to exercising, writing, or doing other things, will still give them purpose.

Follow the Five Minute Rule

One of the reasons why seniors fail to adjust to a morning routine is because if they get thrown off track by things like sleeping late or a morning appointment, they quit doing their routine tasks. But seniors can keep their morning routine intact and accommodate changes to the schedule by just doing each task for five minutes. That way they keep their routine intact, they’re just shortening it a little.

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