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Home Care Tips For Seniors Who Want To Start A Garden

Apr 10, 2023

April is National Garden Month and it’s a great time for seniors that are aging in place to start a garden. Gardening is the perfect activity to get seniors outside and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine throughout the spring and summer. There are studies that show digging in the dirt and helping to bring plants to life have a very positive impact on senior’s mental state. But if your senior parent has never had a garden before, they may ask their home care provider to help if they’re not be sure how to get started creating a garden. Here are a few tips to help begin.

Get Home Care

Seniors who have home care will find that home care is very helpful when they are planning and starting a garden. With a home care giver to help them, seniors will find it much easier to get to the garden center or big box store to pick up the things they will need for their garden like soil, plants, and gardening tools. A home care provider can also help seniors some of the parts of gardening that they might find physically difficult like getting out the hose to water the garden or getting down in the dirt to pull up weeds. 

Pick The Right Spot To Plant

Choosing the right spot to plant a garden is very important. The best spot to put in a garden is a part of the yard that gets plenty of sun but not too many hours of harsh direct sunlight. It should also be a spot that has good soil and good drainage. Depending on the size of the yard it’s also a good idea to put it in a part of the property where the plants won’t be overrun with pests or animals like rabbits and deer. Seniors that have never had a garden before can talk to the experts at the local gardening center about the best place to start a garden on their property. 

Use Container Beds

Container gardening is a fantastic way to seniors that don’t have a lot of yard to put in garden. It’s also great for seniors in dry desert climates or for seniors that don’t have great soil or drainage. Container gardening can be done on a patio or deck, in a corner of the yard, or almost anywhere. And raised container beds are often much easier for seniors to tend to because they don’t have to kneel on the ground or bend way over to get down the level of the plants. 

Pick The Right Plants 

Choosing the right plants and flowers for the climate is very important. Seniors who are starting a garden may need to do some research and consult the experts at the gardening center to find out what plants and flowers are native to the area and what other plants and flowers would do well in the climate where they live. 

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