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Four Facts About Senior Home Care

Jun 25, 2022

What do you really know about senior home care? Some people don’t realize all that this service offers. Here are four facts about home care for the elderly that you should know.


The Average Family Caregiver Provides 22 Hours of Care Each Week

On average, family caregivers report spending just over 22 hours a week helping an older parent or relative. If you’re also working a full-time job, will you have time left for self-care and social needs?

If you work 40 hours a week and have an hour-long commute each day, you’re already away from your home for nine hours each day. Add another four hours to helping your dad with his care needs.

You have 11 hours left to help your children with homework, spend time with a spouse, clean up your home, and cook meals. Do you have enough time to sleep and unwind?


Caregiving Is Stressful

Providing care to your aging parent is emotionally straining. In fact, 63% of unpaid caregivers report feeling stressed. Of those caregivers, 35% report feeling extremely high levels of stress. Is it worth risking your health or better to have outside help to ease some of the stress you experience when caring for your dad?

Your dad may not always work with you. As his child, he may resent having to rely on you to help him, and that can lead to agitation and verbal abuse that’s hard to take. It can be better for everyone to let a paid home care aide help with some of your dad’s care needs.


Help With Ambulation Is the Most Common ADL

In an AARP study, family caregivers reported that helping a family member get in and out of bed or on and off a chair or sofa is the activity of daily living that is most prevalent. Getting dressed is the second most common.

When you think about helping your dad, you have to consider your strength vs. his weight. If you decided to be his primary caregiver, could you transfer him without injuring yourself? If you’re not sure you’re capable, it helps to have professional caregivers available for those care duties.


Transportation Is the Most Common IADL

When it comes to instrumental activities of daily living, the most common one that older adults cannot do independently is driving. Your dad may no longer be able to drive due to arthritis pain in the neck or back, vision impairments, or slowed reaction times.

How many days will you need to take off work in order to help your dad get to his dental and medical appointments each month? How about days for running errands and shopping?

Senior home care is one of the best ways to make sure your dad enjoys independence without risking his safety or feeling isolated. Make a call or go online to learn more about prices, services, and availability. A senior home care advisor helps you get started, so reach out to a specialist today.


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