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Are There Natural Remedies for Arthritis?

Jan 23, 2023

Arthritis can be so difficult to manage, especially as a senior. If you care for a senior family member with arthritis, it can be difficult to understand how to help them. Arthritis can impact seniors, and home care providers should understand how to manage it with natural remedies.

This serious health problem disproportionally affects those over 60. Although afflicts anyone of any age. Arthritis is a catch-all word for various conditions that cause joint pain and dysfunction. Although there are several types of arthritis, most people think of the more common osteoarthritis, sometimes degenerative joint disease. These are two common causes of uncomfortable joint discomfort.

Signs and Symptoms of Arthritis Pain
Inflammation in the joints is, at best, a nuisance. When it reaches its worst stage, the agony is unbearable. A gradual deterioration of joint cartilage that causes chronic pain, stiffness, limited movement, and often, irreversible disability characterize arthritis.

When the cartilage that lines our joints and bones goes away, the bones might start rubbing against one another. Cartilage functions as a natural lubricant, similar to oil’s role in an engine. If the supply is inadequate, the friction between bodily components that shouldn’t be touching will rise.

It’s likely that you’ve seen someone you care about who has been diagnosed with arthritis struggle with even the simplest tasks, like walking, climbing stairs, or even brushing their teeth. Joint motion is necessary for all these movements (at the knees and elbows). In the later stages of the illness, patients often need help with simple activities like getting dressed or eating. If your senior needs help like this, it’s time to hire home care.

Natural Remedies to Try Helping Arthritis
Regular exercise, hand motions, and heat/ice packs are just some natural remedies for joint discomfort, even though there is often no cure for the condition. Doctors often administer painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs to patients to lessen their suffering. However, if  interested in natural solutions for joint pain, try some of these therapies.

  • Encourage Exercise- The most common sites of arthritis are the knees and elbows. Therefore, it is important to strengthen these joints by moving them through their complete range of motion as part of your normal exercise routine. Cushioned-sole shoes and jogging on soft terrain (such as grass or sand instead of hard concrete) are suggested to reduce the impact and offer a cushioning effect for the sensitive cartilage.
  • Focus on Hand Movements- Dexterity-based exercises may help relieve symptoms of joint discomfort in the fingers and hands in the elderly. Keeping the joints moving back and forth for lengthy periods is a terrific example of dexterous exercise, and crafts like crocheting, knitting, and sewing are excellent examples. Moreover, it’s a great way for the elderly to express their individuality and creativity.
  • Use Heat and Ice- Regular heat and cold treatments help ease sore muscles and stiff joints. It’s possible to find OTC and all-natural options for this online. Just as effective as medication would be, a soak in a hot tub or a session of hydrotherapy. The key is to combine the two approaches. While the cold pack will dull the pain and lessen joint inflammation, the heat will make your body more supple.

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